Exaclair 2021 Catalog


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Table of Contents

Clairefontaine Notebooks

Clairefontaine - Neo Deco, Aida, Flying Spirit Collections

Clairefontaine- Mimesys, KoverBook, 1951 Collections

Clairefontaine- My Essential, Basics Collections

Clairefontaine- Leather Accessories

Clairefontaine- Classic Wirebound and Staplebound Notebooks

Clairefontaine - Classic Clothbound, Hardcover, Multi-Subject Notebooks

Clairefontaine - Europa, Classic, Music Notepads

Clairefontaine - Clairefontaine Displays


Rhodia - Classic Orange and Black Notepads

Rhodia - Treasure Box, Pocket Notepad, Rollerball Pen, Mechanical Pencil, Rhodia Pencil, Pencil Case, Mouse Pad

Rhodia - Wirebound Notebooks, Composition Notebooks

Rhodia - Staplebound Notebooks, Wirebound Notepads, Unlimited

Rhodia - Meeting Book, Rhodiarama Meeting Book, Rhodiactive Notebooks, Address Book

Rhodia - Webnotebooks, Webnotepads

Rhodia - Rhodiarama Hardcover, Softcover Notebooks

Rhodia - Rhodia Goalbook, Sewn Spine Notebooks

Rhodia - R Pads, Pad Holders, ColoR Notepads

Rhodia - Rhodia Displays


Exacompta - Exactive Collection, Journals, Index Cards, Watershed

Exacompta - FAF Pads

Exacompta - Big Box Desk Organizers, Crystal Filing Products

Exacompta - Folders, File Boxes, Portfolios

G. Lalo

G. Lalo - Mode de Paris, Deckle-Edge Cards, Straight-Edge Cards

G. Lalo - Watercolor Cards, Tresor, Thank You, Bordered Cards

G. Lalo - Verge de France and Triomphe Tablets, Envelopes


Herbin - 1670, 1798, 350 Anniversary Inks

Herbin - Fountain Pen Inks, Pens

Herbin - Specialty Inks, Blotters

Herbin - Herbin Displays

Herbin - Calligraphy Sets, Writing Sets

Herbin - Sealing Waxes

Herbin - Brass Seals and Handles

Herbin - Glass Pens, Markers


Brause - Calligraphy Papers and Practice Cards

Brause - Calligraphy Sets and Nib Holders

Brause - Calligraphy Nibs and Displays

Brause - Calligraphy Nibs

Rhodia Touch

Rhodia Touch - Rhodia Touch Calligraphy, Marker, Maya Pads

Stillman & BIrn

Stillman & Birn - Alpha, Beta Series

Stillman & Birn - Gamma, Delta Series

Stillman & Birn - Epsilon, Zeta Series

Stillman & Birn - Nova Series

Clairefontaine Fine Art

Clairefontaine - PaintON Mixed Media, Goldline Mixed Media

Clairefontaine - Ingres, Fleur de Coton, Simili Japon, Oil, Acrylic Papers

Clairefontaine - Graf It, Crok Book, Graf'Book 360

Clairefontaine - Flying Spirit Sketchbook, Trophee, Zap Book

Clairefontaine - Pastelmat Sheets

Clairefontaine - Pastelmat Glued Pads

Clairefontaine - Fontaine Watercolor

Quo Vadis Notebooks

Quo Vadis - Life Journal, Habana Journals, Refillable Notebook




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