Steel Nib Manufacture

Featured Brause Calligraphy Nibs

Bandzug 2mm Calligraphy Nib, Ref B3810/20

Square nibs for rounded (Roman, Italic, Gothic) writing. Good for beginners and people with a heavy hand

Blue Pumpkin ("Steno") Nib, Ref B361

Very fine point, highly elastic, high ink capacity. Thin line with perfect ink flow

Rose Calligraphy Nib, Ref B76

Strong, yet super flexible, fine point, with rose embossed design. A vintage nib from Brause reintroduced several years ago

Extra Fine Point ("Arrow") Nib, Ref B66

Very smooth reaction, highly elastic, high ink capacity. Favorite for pointed pen work

Hatat Calligraphy Nib, Ref B101

Nib for Hebrew or Arabic writing. Good for left handers

Ornament 2mm Nib, Ref B3500/20

Round nib with blade and ink reservoir, used for titles, ornamentation and monoline lettering

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